Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Kids say the funniest things...especially when english isn't their first language...

We went to a farm yesterday (yes in the middle of December) and they had 2 dogs. The lady there explained that they have dogs to keep the foxes away from the chickens....We are visiting the chickens when I have this conversation with one of my students who moved here from Mexico in May:
Student: "I don't see any fucks."
Me: "What?"
Student: " I don't see any fucks. That lady said they had fucks."
Me: "Are you talking about ducks...I think they are inside."
Student: "No fucks, she said the dogs eat the fucks."
Me: "Oh, foxes...yeah...foxes" (sheesh)

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Snow Logic

So every morning we have a 15 minute recess. But now that it has snowed in the midwest, a simple 15 minute recess has turned into a 45 minute ordeal. Shoes off, snowpants on, boots on (make sure that they are on the right feet), mittens on, scarves on, coats on, hats on, mittens off (to zip up the coat), mittens back on. Do this times 20. Then, inevitably, "Teacher I have to use it." Shooot! Mittens off, coat off, hat off, scarf off, boots off, snowpants off....and then 2 seconds later, snowpants on, boots on, hat on, scarf on, coat on and zipped. Wait, where are my mittens..."Teacher, he took my mittens and I had them first!" Mittens on, everyone line up and be quiet. Out the door. Then 15 minutes of, "I'm cold" "I have to go potty" "He threw a snowball at me" and "I have snow in my boots." Now it's time to line up, go inside and repeat everything again for the next 15 minutes. Someone needs to invent an all in one boots, snowsuit with mittens, hat and scarf that zips up and down. It would save me a huge headache, an unbelievable amount of stress and a few accidents over the course of the winter. :) I love my job.