Tuesday, November 08, 2005


I am now 2 months into my second year of teaching in an urban school. My school has a very high poverty rate (90%) and a very high minority rate (90%). More than half of my students speak Spanish and a few have only lived in the US for a few months. The trials this year have been harder than last year…and everyone told me that it couldn’t get any worse. I have a class of 17 currently. That is great since I can go up to 25. I have lost a child because his parents thought he had “behavior problems” (which he didn’t) and another child because his grandmother thought I was racist. Is it my fault that her grandson threatened to cut someone with his scissors one day and slapped a girl in the face the next? I think not. I had another child leave a month and a half into school because he wanted to kill me and burn down the school. And that comment was placed among days of throwing chairs, yelling and kicking, hitting, biting and pinching me. He is now in a school setting that will help him learn to deal with his anger. I have a child who talks about putting “caps” in people and tells them to “get out of the way b!$*&!” Have I mentioned I teach Kindergarten?


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