Tuesday, November 08, 2005

16 kids...

So, as of Friday, I have 16 kids. One of my students, “Amanda” is CD and EBD, she has a one on one aid and is doing really well in my classroom. Her family moved across town a few weeks ago and we have been trying to figure out if she has to transfer or if she can just stay here. Well she knows that there is a chance that she will move, and she doesn’t like it. She is not behaving like I know she can (because her world is upside down) and so now after weeks of back and forth, we find out that Friday is her last day. I don’t like that but there is nothing I can do. On another note, Social Servies and the police we at my school yesterday talking to on of my former students “Sam”. Apparently, his is being abused by someone in his family. The word is mom. When I talked to him today, he told me that he was sad because he wasn’t allowed to see his dad anymore. This is the second of my children from last year who are being abused. The other one “Jack” was apparently beign molested by his father! AHHHHH! How much of this can one person take. I also talked to the school social worker today about “Joe” and apparently, since he is such a wonderful child, and his home life isn’t affecting his school work etc, social services won’t do anything. So I guess we are just waiting for a perfectly good child to fall apart before we can deal with his “spoon burning” mom!


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